Like any popular place in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende has its share of crime, most of which does not involve foreigners. Use common sense. There are places you want to avoid at night if you are on foot. An example is Calle Orizaba, which runs west off Ancha de San de San Antonio, close to the Instituto Allende. Unfortunately, it's not the only place. Most muggings occur at night after well-anesthesized victims become easy prey. Walking at night is interesting and secure if you stay aound the very well patrolled zona historica. That covers a big, interesting area,  cobblestones, hundreds of years and thousands of calories.

In an emergency or have something to report call  the police at 066.  Lost something, looking for someone can also contact the local radio station at Sollano #4 (tel 152 0227)  and place a free announcement about lost property. Offer a reward and you may be lucky. Tourism is a primary source of income for most people in San Miguel, so they want to leave you with a favorable impression of their town.

Remember that, as elsewhere in Mexico, tap water is not drinkable. Bottled water is widely available and short-term visitors are advised to use it to brush their teeth too. Most restaurants are careful about hygiene, but be careful when sampling street food. San Miguel has two hospitals, one public and one private. Many doctors and dentists in town speak English and pharmacies are generally well-stocked.