The new terminal at the San Jose del Cabo International Airport is great.  Air-conditioning, lots of windows, plenty of amenities, scrubbed clean every hour, .... what's not to like?  Here is some information that may help you navigate this great addtion to SJD.  

Terminal 2 is a long rectangle with 8 gates on one long side (departures upstairs and arrivals downstairs) and the road & parking lot on the other long side.

 Terminal 2




1st floor: Departing folks enter on the right side. This is one huge room with self check in machines on the street side side and the airline staff & baggage check on the other side. Suitcases are zip-tied shut; no one checks them.

There is a bar in this room that serves some snacks.

After checking in you go upstairs for the TSA check. Walk through the duty free store to the large 2nd floor waiting area. There is a sit-down restaurant, a sports bar, Subway, a hamburger place, Sbarro, Starbucks, a few shops, a VIP lounge, a few restrooms, and lots of chairs.  (Note that the tables nearest the food vendors in the second floor departure lounge are closer to better air conditioning vents and the chairs nearest Gates 1 - 4 are furthest from cool air conditioned air.) 


1st floor: There are now jetways for folks to walk directly to the building from their plane. Then you go down a ramp or series of ramps into the building and on to the immigration room. In April 2013, this area was divided in half. Each half had a "maze" line to weave through to get up to the immigration desks. You wait there for the next available immigration agent. Tip: check to see which half of the line is shorter although the agent may direct you into one particular line.  Sometimes this area is just one long line.

Then you walk to the baggage claim area and get your luggage.  This is the place to get a $5 US porter, if you'd like assistance. Restrooms available here.  Put your luggage on the x-ray machine and continue on.  

Line up for customs & the red-light green-light. There are quite a few of these 'stations', but only a few seem to be open at a time.

Finally you enter the Shark Tank. This is actually a double room of 'helpful' folks.   Just ignore the timeshare salesmen unless you are planning on spending some of your vacation touring timeshare properties.  Keep on walking. The second room also has car rental agents and perhaps a few more timeshare salesmen.  There is a Subway sandwich shop in a third room or you can exit after the second room to the sunlight and freedom where you will meet your reserved transportation company representative.

Current information about which flights/airlines use which terminals:

Terminal 1: all domestic flights, any airline

Terminal 2: all international flights, any airline 


Pre-Odile, these were the airlines using each terminal. 

Terminal 1 Aeromexico, Air Canada, Interjet, Sun Country, United, Viva Aerobus, Volaris, Magnichartes on season

Terminal 2  AirTran, Air Transat, Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Spirit, Sunwing, US Airways, Virgin America, WestJet