Tipping is both appreciated and expected.  You can tip in USD or in pesos, but pesos will be easier for locals to spend.  When in doubt, tip the larger value.

These suggestions are listed in USD; use the most current peso conversion for the accurate peso tip. For example, at 16 to 1 conversion, a one dollar tip is 16 pesos.  You can be generous and leave a 20 peso note. 

If you’re Canadian, don’t tip in Canadian dollars and don’t get US dollars; get pesos for tipping & shopping.  

Do not leave US coins for tips.  They cannot be spent in Mexico.

Shared shuttle driver ~ tip $2-3 US each way.

Private shuttle driver ~ tip $10-20 US each way

Bellboy at hotel ~ $2 US per bag

Maid ~ $4-5 per day.  Tip more if you track sand into the room or if you leave dishes to be washed.

Room Service ~ $5 per delivery

Hotel pool service or beach service ~ tip $1-2 per round; 18-20% for food service 

Various hotel staff ~ tip as you would like, but no tip is expected.  Is the gardener making the landscaping lovely?  Is the repair staff repainting a faded wall?  Does the guard at the gate greet you every time you walk by?

All Inclusive suggestions

In-room fridge service (to restock) ~ $1-2

Buffet meals (per meal, per person) 

  • $1-3, depending on service 

A la Carte meals (per meal, per person) 

  • Breakfast $1-2
  • Lunch $2-5
  • Dinner $5-10 

Drinks $1-2 per drink or per round (pre-tip a larger amount to get better quality alcohol and faster service)

Grocery store baggers ~ $1-3 

Restaurants ~ 18-20%.  Preferably tip in cash.

Tours ~ 15% of the value of the tour

Taxis ~ only tip if the taxi driver does something extra for you. Tip is built in to the high cost.  Pay the exact cost (no change will be offered) You’re likely to get a better price in pesos.