There really is not a bad time of year to visit Cabo San Lucas, although many travelers go in the summer to make maximum use of the Cabo San Lucas beaches, to take advantage of discounted prices, and to vacation with their school-age children.  Cabo San Lucas generally stays at a moderate temperature throughout the year, although travelers coming from cooler climates might think that summers are a bit hot or that winters aren't hot enough.  Average summer temperatures in Cabo San Lucas are sixty five degree lows and ninety five degree highs.  Average winter temperatures are sixty degree lows and seventy five degree highs.

The one weather problem which occasionally plagues Cabo San Lucas is a series of tropical storms which hit the area in the latter months of the summer each year.  However, these storms rarely affect Cabo San Lucas directly, usually staying out in the ocean or hitting the shores in areas surrounding Cabo San Lucas instead of hitting Cabo San Lucas directly.  Generally, these storms cause a bit of rain in the area which tends to last for only a short period of time before the sun is out and shining again and the beaches are re-filled with throngs of people. 

Thunderstorms that are described in weather forecasts generally hit the hilly & mountainous regions miles from Cabo.  Los Cabos weather forecasts cover a large geographic area and are not relevant to all locations in the region.

Please note the Cabo San Lucas is a 'Spring Break' destination for some college students; college breaks usually occur around the middle of March. Easter is another big holiday, as well as the winter months when the folks leave the colder Northern states or Canada for warmer climes.  The week between Christmas & New Years is also often busy.   Also realize that although Cabo is 'on the sea', you are in the Mexican desert. You've passed the Tropic of Cancer (which is near Todos Santos), and the sun shines hotter and brighter.

Los Cabos weather updates can be checked at any of the following websites:

A good weather page with the current weather at the airport and a chart of seasonal weather - monthly averages for rain and high and low temperatures - can be found at Los Cabos Weather.

 A webcam view of Medano Beach and the current Cabo San Lucas weather can be seen here: