Some people choose to rent cars when arriving at the SJD airport but be careful as there are lots of scams involving insurance and "damage to tires".  Visitors can rent from one of the national car rental chains at the airport (a quick taxi or shuttle ride away) or as well as places other than the airport. Most large Cabo resorts have an on-site rental agency, and there are a few local car rental businesses as well.  Visitors interested in renting a car should make sure that they are renting from a legitimate business and that they fully understand all prices involved before renting the vehicle.  Rates for rental cars are very dependant on where you rent from and how far in advance you make your reservations.  Also, the "on-line" quoted rental rate probably does not include mandatory liability insurance, required taxes, or optional full insurance coverage.  If your online rate is around $200/week, expect to end up paying no less than about $600/week for the rental, including all taxes, mandatory liability insurance, and optional full insurance coverage.  Another option is to rent a car only for the day you want to go "exploring", which of course will be cheaper overall, but the all-in daily rate may escalate to well over $100.  Be sure and take the toll road to/from the airport to Cabo.  It will be the best 28 pesos you ever spent.  From the airport, you get on the toll road by driving north (away from the coast) on the main road just outside of and parallel to the air terminal.  Ask your rental agent.

Driving is relatively easy in the area, although roads are not always maintained to Western standards.  The two main roads for drivers to know in the Cabo San Lucas area are Lazaro Cardenas, which is the road to be taken to and from the airport, and Bulevar Marina which is the main road.  Bulevar Marina travels along the harbor of the Cabo San Lucas Bay and makes for a picturesque drive.  If you encounter road construction, follow the flow of the traffic around you.  LEFT TURN NOTE! Note that at many stoplights on parts of the main 4-lane thoroughfare outside the main urbanized areas, you must exit to the right just before the light and then make the left on the green arrow.  Watch the signs and learn to recognize the words left "izquierda" and right "derecha" in Spanish.

The four-lane main thoroughfare has a parallel slip road on each side.  Be careful if you exit onto this road, and be careful re-entering the highway. Yielding is not well-understood.

Most smaller streets in Cabo SL are one way and are not well-marked.  Before you make a turn, observe which way vehicles face on the street you are entering.  Also, some streets, like the street just west of McDonalds, change from two way to one way.  Be observant!

If you wish to go to Wal-Mart from Cabo SL, you must drive in the direction of the airport and take the Highway 1 exit towards La Paz.  The Wal-Mart will be on the right.

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For those visitors who do not wish to try driving in Cabo San Lucas, the local bus system or local taxis are other options.  Taxis should be hired from legitimate businesses for reasons of safety.  Taxis are easy to find but visitors are warned that taxis are expensive in Cabo San Lucas.  Be sure to ask the price before you take a taxi ride!!

The bus system, Subercabos, might be a better way to go, as it is much less expensive than taxis.   This system runs every twenty minutes, costs less than $1 per ride and is generally comfortable.   Unlike Western bus systems with scheduled stops, the Subercabos system will stop anywhere along the route that passengers would like to stop.