The main mode of public transportation used in Cabo San Lucas is the bus system, known as Subercabos.  Subercabos runs along the main highway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  Unlike other international bus systems which only stop at assigned stops along the way, the Subercabos system is passenger-friendly and will let riders off wherever they would like to stop along the route.  This can be both convenient and inconvenient.  It is convenient in the sense that riders can get off the bus as they please; however it is inconvenient in that it sometimes results in the bus making a number of frequent stops along the route.

The Subercabos route does have bus stops which are where passengers wait to get on the bus.  These bus stops are conveniently located, with seats and covered tops to protect visitors from the weather, and busses come along every twenty minutes.  Riders can also wave down the bus, although it is considered safer and more appropriate to wait at the designated bus stops.  It should be noted that some busses are express busses with designated stops, however, if you wave them down, they will stop.  In any case, visitors shouldn’t take offense at drivers who don’t stop for them.

The Subercabos costs less than $2.50 (about 28 pesos) per ride. Busses begin running at approximately 5:30 in the morning and run until approximately 10:00 in the evening, seven days per week.  Look for them in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall in Cabo San Lucas and on the main highway near Mega supermarket in SanJose del Cabo.

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