Canada's national parks are in every province, and Alberta has some of the most beautiful.

You can choose from any of the following:
Banff National Park - about 90 minutes west of Calgary

Jasper National Park - about 3 to 4 hours west of Edmonton
Elk Island National Park - less than an hour drive east of Edmonton
Waterton Lakes National Park - south end of province, more than an hour drive from Lethbridge, Alberta.
Wood Buffalo National Park - crosses over into the Northwest Territories.

Each park offers its own idyllic beauty with lots of wildlife to be seen and tourist opportunities to be had.

Modern accommodations can be had in Banff, Jasper and Waterton, while camping, hiking and many outdoor activities are abundant in all locations. Each park is served by modern road accessiblity, and in some locations by helicopter or sea-plane access.

The Banff, Jasper and Waterton parks are in mountainous regions. The wildlife in these areas are varied and abundant, e.g. bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, and occasionally moose.

Banff National Park is Canada's first national park and the world's third.  It's rich in history, culture, and natural wonders. With world class accommodation or a campsite by the lake, you'll be sure to find whatever it is you're looking for from your holiday.  With  the town of Banff & hamlet of Lake Louise as your hubs for lodging, shopping, theatre and dining, you can walk five minutes up a trail and find yourself surrounded by wilderness. You'll find whatever it is you're looking for in the 6,641 sq km of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows and rivers that make up one of the world's premier destinations.

Elk Island National Park , as its namesake indicates, does offer some chance viewing of wild elk. However, Elk Island is primarily a bison habitat. Bison are often called buffalo in North America, but bison are only distantly related to the water buffalo of Asia and cape buffalo of Africa.  An interpretive outdoor centre in the park describes the bison seen in the park. Some bear are seen in this area, as well as coyotes and the occasional wolf.

Wood Buffalo National Park is the most remote location of the Alberta located national parks.  Expect to find many more opportunities to view much more wildlife here, as people have not as fully encroached into the habitat as in the other parks.