You may experience a feeling of deja vu during your visit to Calgary if you come across these things:

The Famous Five Statues (Women are Persons! by Barbara Paterson) on Stephen Avenue, just east of Olympic Plaza, has a duplicate at Parliament Hill, Ottawa. The Calgary monument was the first to be dedicated, in 1999. Ottawa's Famous Five monument was unveiled in 2000. The Famous Five (Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby, Emily Murphy, and  Henrietta Muir Edwards) were all based in Alberta.

On the Centre Street Bridge, the lions are based on the lions around Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. Another of these lions can be found inside City Hall. The lions on the Centre Street Bridge are also said to have inspired the Art Deco lions on Vancouver's Lion's Gate Bridge, which was built later.

The Chinese Cultural Centre building is a replica of Beijing's Temple of Heaven.

In Chinatown's Sien Lok Park, the guardian lion statues are based on statues in Beijing's Forbidden City. 

TELUS Convention Center has a half-size authorized replica of Copenhagen's statue of The Little Mermaid (upper level corridor near +15 walkway)

Just outside the Southern  Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, the bronze Robert the Bruce statue is a duplicate of the one at Bannockburn, Scotland.

Inside MacEwan Hall at the University of Calgary, there is a copy of the Goddess of Democracy statue which stood with the protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

The centerpiece of a small park in the Beltline (1135 - 14 Ave SW) is Bird of Spring, one of several copies of Abraham Etungat's small Inuit soapstone carving in the collection of the Glenbow Museum. All the copies were commssioned by Calgary's charitable Devonian Group. This is the only fiberglass version; the others are in bronze. The seven-foot tall bronze versions are at Ryerson University in Toronto, the sculpture plaza of Halifax's Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and Robson Square just outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.