On foot:  Travelers should make it a point to do as much walking as possible in the Prince George area because this is the method of transportation which allows guests the most exposure to the beautiful nature of the area.  Many of the attractions of interest to travelers are located on the Heritage River Trails.  See Inside Prince George: Family Travel here at TripAdvisor for additional details.

By bus:  The public bus system is easy to figure out.  There are twelve major bus lines running throughout the city.  Rides cost $2 per adult, with reduced fares for children and seniors, and there are multi-ride discount packages available.  See the Prince George Transit website  for details.

By car:  Visitors interested in renting a car for use in the area will likely do so at the airport upon arrival in the area (See Inside Prince George: Arriving & Departing here at TripAdvisor for additional details.)   Mile By Mile offers road map information for travelers interested in planning their driving routes. Alternatively, driving directions are available through Google Maps  and Mapquest .

By taxi:   Taxi service is available in Prince George .   See the Prince George Taxi website for more information.