Travelers usually head to Moncton during the summer when it is perfect weather for enjoying the local beaches and outdoor and activities.  The average summer temperature is about 20°C (70°F), although of course it may get warmer during the hottest months of the year.  The summer’s drawback is that it tends to get humid, although rain is rare.  There are periods of summer thunderstorms during which nearly all of the summer rain takes place.  It starts to get cold in the area around October which is when the tourists empty out.

Winters in Moncton tend to get cold, although the sun keeps shining throughout the day.  It stays below freezing throughout most of the winter, often dropping below the teens in temperature.  There are generally major snowstorms during December, January and February.  These storms frequently include bouts of freezing rain.  The winter lasts a long time, with snow sometimes falling through April and cold temperatures hanging around until the end of May.

Travelers who are planning to take a day trip to Hopewell either to see the Hopewell Rocks or to enjoy the beaches or kayaking there should make sure to check out the tide schedules when planning their trip.   They can be found online at .

For current weather, forecasts, and up-to-the-minute weather warnings, visit Environment Canada's Moncton weather page. This page is also available in Imperial units (i.e. Fahrenheit).

For very detailed climate information, month-by-month, which includes rainfall, snowfall, temperatures, and wind information, visit Environment Canada's Moncton climate page.