For day trips away from Moncton, two of the most popular locations are Hopewell and Fundy Park.  The two locations are virtually connected; as you head west from Moncton on Route 114, you first come across Hopewell and then get to the park.  The latter is just over an hour’s drive away from Moncton.  The big draw at Hopewell is Hopewell Cape, where travelers generally go to either enjoy the beaches (when it is low tide) or enjoy kayaking (during high tides).  There are also the Hopewell Rocks which are a famous attraction in the area.  A big draw at the latter is the excellent hiking there. Visitors will also be fascinated by the tall "flowerpot" rock formations and the amazing Bay of Fundy tides, the biggest in the world.

Another park frequently enjoyed as a Moncton day trip activity is Kouchibouguac National Park .  This park is also approximately an hour’s drive from Moncton. It's a great family park with great swimming and lots of trails. They have a 60 km biking trail network and many walking/hiking trails too. Being a coastal park, kayaking is also an option. 

Travelers seeking to spend the day a bit closer may consider checking at Parlee Beach which is less than twenty minutes away by car and offers warm enough water for swimming.  Travelers seeking to go a bit further away can head to the Confederation Bridge and go check out Prince Edward Island.  On the way, they can stop at the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area to see some of the local birdlife, and other flora and fauna.