Although most travelers will find that getting around Sudbury is best done by rental car, they will also discover that it is relatively easy and efficient to use public transportation in the area if the desire to do so is present.  The transportation system is a bus system which runs all throughout the city.  It is operated by the Greater Sudbury Transit Authority.

 Visitors should check the website (linked to above) for updated information about routes and schedules (on the right hand side of the page).  However, generally speaking, there are more than thirty bus routes which offer all-day service throughout the week.  Length of time between buses is longer on weekends and holidays.

The bus is an inexpensive option for getting around the city.  Visitors can pay for their ride upon entering the bus, in which case an adult ride costs just over $2.  Alternatively, visitors can purchase multi-ride tickets to reduce the cost of individual rides.  (See the Greater Sudbury Transit Authority's website for detailed fare information.)  Tickets are available at the Bus Transit Center which is located downtown at 9 Elm Street .  The office is open Monday through Saturday.

The bus system does not offer rides outside of the city limits.   However, the transit authority has a program called Trans Cab which provides curbside service to such locations for visitors who call in advance.