One of the most wonderful things about Sudbury is that it is home to a diverse culture of individuals from throughout the world.  Sudbury is a truly Canadian city, with a multi-cultural heritage and culture which not only reflects diversity, but also life in the North.  

The Bridge of Nations on Sudbury's Paris Street flies flags from 82 countries, representing the origins of the people of Sudbury (Sudburians).  Some of the larger pockets of ethnic communities in Sudbury include:

  • English
  • French
  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Finnish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian

In addition, the culture of Sudbury is one in which the English Canadian and French Canadian cultures merge.  Like Canada, the City of Greater Sudbury is officially bilingual with two official languages: English and French.  Many people are bilingual and there is a strong Franco-Ontarien influence on the arts, food, and language in Sudbury. 

An important contribution to the unique culture of Sudbury is the presence of Aborginal culture within the community.  The city has been strongly influenced by First Nations and Metis cultures and peoples.  Aboriginal sprituality and history has had a lasting influence over this part of Canada.

So on your next trip to Sudbury try to steer off the tourist track!  Pick up a homemade Italian meal from the Caruso Club, drop into the Ukranian Centre to buy some fresh (homemade) phrohy (perogy) and cabbage rolls or into Leinala's Bakery for some fresh doughnuts Finland style!  Better yet, find a local to steer you towards some tortiere or sucre a la creme!  Have a sauna and jump into one of Sudbury's 330 lakes, catch a show at Le Theatre du Nouvel-Ontario (complete with English super titles) or feel the music of the Spirit Wind Women's Hand Drum group.  Or attend one of the many cultural festivals during the warmer months including: the Garlic Festival, the Greek Festival, the Italian Festival, or the Sudbury Dragonboat Festival (just to name a few!).