Most people who spend time in Sudbury opt to get a rental car for travel around the area.  This is due primarily to the fact that most people arrive in the area via the Sudbury Airport which is located outside of Sudbury and the easiest way to get from there to the city is via rental car.  (For more information about this topic, see Inside Sudbury: Arriving and Departing here at TripAdvisor.)  Those people who decide not to rent a car in the area will find that public transportation is efficient enough to generally get them to where they want to go.  This can be supplemented with taxi hire as necessary.

By car:  Travelers will probably find that it is fairly easy to get used to driving around Sudbury .  The streets are easy to navigate and landmarks are easy to find.  There are three major highways leading in to the city, including the Trans-Canada Highway , which can be used for purposes of orientation.  The Ontario Ministry of Transportation's website has a driving map for the city.

By bus:  The public transportation system in the city is the bus system operated by Greater Sudbury Transit.  Additional information is available at Inside Sudbury: Public Transportation here at TripAdvisor.