Visitors who are spending time in Sudbury may find that it is necessary to get indoors for awhile to escape the cold weather for which the area is known (see for weather information).  But this shouldn’t put a damper on the trip.  There are plenty of wonderful things to do inside the museums of Sudbury which will keep travelers of all ages entertained while education them about the area.

There are four City of Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums which visitors should make their first stops on a museum tour.  These four museums are:

  • Anderson Farm Museum – Visitors can see what it was like to live in a local dairy farm at the turn of the century, and the Finnish influences on local life. An old mine building is the focus of a discussion on mining and local ghost towns.
  • Copper Cliff Museum – Also at the turn of the century was a log cabin lifestyle which is commemorated here, along with the lives of early miners like those who built the log cabin.
  • Flour Mill Museum – The 1902 Heritage House was the home of a lumber company foreman, and later became home to the foreman of the local flour mill.The recreated log cabin on the site is the centre of an exploration of Sudbury's old "French Town".
  • Rayside-Balfour Museum – The smallest of the four museums is comprised of exhibits at the local public library.

Together, these four museums offer a comprehensive look at the history of the people who have lived and thrived in the Sudbury area.

For visitors who are interested in going above and beyond the exploration of these four basic museums, other museums in the area which are worth a visit include:

  • Science North – This is a large science museum which is enjoyed by children and adults for all of the interesting scientific information it provides. Interpretive areas focus on biology, ecology, geology, space science, and technology. There are also science demonstrations and an IMAX theatre.
  • Dynamic Earth - This new science museum focusses on mining and earth history. Operate remote-controlled mining equipment, or take a fascinating tour of an abandoned mine while learning the history of mining methods. Younger kids learn about mining by co-operating to run a fun "play mine". Outside of Dynamic Earth is Sudbury's famed " Big Nickel".
  • Art Gallery of Sudbury - Located within the historic Bell Mansion, it offers travelers a look at the art and creative culture of the area.
  • Northern Ontario Railroad Museum – The railroad was an important part of the history of the area and this museum serves to educated visitors about that fact. 
  • Sudbury Regional Police Museum – The local police headquarters is open to the public on weekdays for a free look at the history of the area’s police department.