Welcome to Toronto!  Most visitors to the city arrive at Pearson Airport and need to get downtown.  Downtown is where you'll find most of the hotels recommended in  Toronto: Where to Stay.

See   Toronto: Arriving & Departing for airport information and other ways of arriving in the city.

Getting Downtown from Toronto Pearson International Airport

This section describes the most common ways of getting downtown:

  • Airport Taxi & Minivans
  • Airport Limo
  • Union Pearson Express (aka "UP Express")
  • Toronto Transit Commission (public transit)
  • Rental Car
  • Pacific Western Airport Express bus (discontinued)

All services to downtown are available from both airport terminals (T1 and T3), and all fares are current as of June 2015.  Except for UP Express, allow extra time if you'll be travelling during the heaviest traffic, weekdays 6-9 am and 4-7 pm. During snowfalls, allow at least an extra hour, especially during rush hours.

If you're not heading downtown, see the "Getting Elsewhere" section at the bottom of this article.

Airport Taxi & Minivans

Time 30 to 60 minutes
Cost  $55 + tip 
Web Site   www.torontopearson.com - Taxi Limo

Follow signs to the taxi queue where licensed drivers will pick you up (ignore any drivers who may approach you inside the terminal, some poachers have taken to wearing limo drivers' uniforms to fool passengers); it's typically a very short wait.  Credit cards are generally accepted, debit cards less so, but always best to check with the driver in advance.  Typically, you tip the driver 10-20%, usually 15%.

Although the wait in the taxi queue is typically very brief, you can also pre-arrange taxi services in advance by calling one of the taxi companies serving the airport.  They will pick you up at the pre-arranged section Area B for Terminal 1 & Gate 29 for Terminal 3 of the airport, and of course you can also arrange a trip back to the airport with the same company.

Otherwise, you can get back to the airport by simply hailing a regular city taxi -- the metered fare from downtown will normally run $50-$70 plus tip, although you can also ask for a flat rate. The taxi meter operates on both time and distance so if there is heavy traffic, the flat rate will be probably be a better deal.

Too many people or too much luggage for an airport limo or taxi?  Many airport limo companies also have minivans (advance reservations recommended).   

Example of Airport Taxi Companies Authorized by the GTAA :  Airlift taxiAirlink LimousineToronto Airport LimousineYYZ LimoAirline LimousineAeroport Taxi,  Airflight Services,  Aerotime Airport Limo Taxi,   Airport Taxi PearsonLimo Airport TorontoAirfleet LimousinePearson Airport LimousineToronto Pearson Airport Limo, Buffalo Airport LimoHamilton Airport LimousineAirport Limo TaxiToronto Pearson Limo ,  Beck LimoToronto Airport Taxi   Toronto Airport LimousineToronto Exclusive Limousine Services  Unitedlimo   Castle Black Limo  Airport Limo in Toronto 

Airport Limo

Time 30 to 60 minutes
Cost  $60 + tip 
Web Site   www.torontopearson.com - Taxi Limo

From the airport, advance reservations are not required; just follow the signs to the limo queue, where it's typically a very short wait.   Ignore any drivers who may approach you inside the terminal.  Debit cards are not accepted, and if paying by credit card, check with the driver in advance.  Typically, you tip the driver 10-20%, usually 15%.

You can also pre-arrange an  airport limo in either direction by calling one of the limo companies serving the airport. Typically they will provide a discounted flat rate cheaper then the Airport Authorities, after you call their office they will pick you up at the pre-arranged section of the airport.

Example of Airport Limousine Companies authorized by the GTAA as Pre Arranged service: ( Airlift limoAeroport TaxiAirflight Services,  Airlink LimousineAirport TaxiAerotime Airport Limo TaxiToronto Car ServiceAirport limo,   Pearson Airport LimousineYYZ LimoToronto Pearson Limo ,  Beck LimoToronto Airport Taxi)   Toronto Airport Taxi RatesUnitedlimo   castle black limo

UP Express 

Time 25 minutes, Pearson T1 to Union Station
Cost  $12.00 one way per adult (see below) 
Web Site   www.upexpress.com

The Union Pearson Express (new as of June 2015) connects Union Station in downtown Toronto with Pearson International Airport in 25 minutes, with trains running every 15 minutes from 5:30 am to 1 am.  Trains have ample luggage space, free WiFi, and power ports at every seat.

Getting to the train:

  • From the airport's Terminal 1, follow the signs for "Trains"; the train station is attached to the parking garage and is reachable without going outdoors.
  • From the airport's Terminal 3, follow the signs for the LINK Train to Terminal 1 (again, reachable without going outdoors).  When you arrive at the Terminal 1 station, the UP Express platform is immediately adjacent to the LINK Train platform, up a small ramp.
  • Downtown, the train serves Union Station, within walking distance of financial-district hotels and a quick taxi ride from most others.  To find UP Express within Union Station, follow the UP Express signs to the west end of the ground-floor Great Hall.  The station is located with the SkyWalk, a little further west of the Tourism Information Centre.
  • The train also stops at Weston (near Weston Rd. and Lawrence Avenue West) and Bloor (near the Dundas West subway station -- about a 15-minute subway ride from Yonge & Bloor).  For most visitors, however, Union will be the closest stop to their hotel.

Paying for the train:

  • One way tickets between Union and Pearson cost $12.00 per adult (20-64 years of age), $12.00 per student (age 13-19) although check for discounts, seniors $6.00 ( 65+), children under 12 are free; if you have PRESTO card, $9.00 per adult, $5.64 per senior or student. Children under 12 are free.
  • Special fares include a $25 one-way ticket for a family of 2 adults and up to 3 children under 18, or a $12.000 "long layover" return fare that lets you travel downtown from the airport and back within 6 hours.
  • Fares can be purchased online or at ticket machines or service counters in the stations.
  • Cheaper fares are available if using a PRESTO fare card (the cost drops to $9 one-way).   You can buy a PRESTO card for $6 from the service counters in the UP Express stations, and use it immediately for the train -- this would save you $6 per adult on an UP Express round-trip.  However, because PRESTO is not yet accepted at most subway stations or on most streetcars, most visitors wouldn't be able to use a PRESTO card as their primary way of paying for public transit in the city.

The full fare structure and more details can be found on the  Union Pearson Express web site. 

Toronto Transit Commission (public transit)

Time 60 to 90 minutes
Cost  $3.00 per adult
Web Site   www.ttc.ca

There isn't direct subway or train service to/from the airport, but regular, wheelchair-accessible city buses connect the airport with the subway system.  The Toronto transit system is safe and provides frequent service 365 days a year from around 5:30 am (8:30 am on Sundays) to 1 am.  Overnight, the airport is served by less-frequent night buses.

It's the cheapest way to get downtown, making it very popular with locals and airport workers.  However, there are no luggage racks on subways or buses except the 192 Airport Rocket bus itself, and drivers won't help with bags, so the TTC is not an ideal choice if you've got lots of baggage.

192 Airport Rocket

This is the fastest TTC route if you're heading downtown, since it runs express from the airport to Kipling subway station.  It serves the airport every 8-15 minutes and normally has luggage racks.

1. You can catch the 192 Airport Rocket bus on the lowest level of either terminal (column R4 in terminal 1, columns C8-C12 in terminal 3).

2. At Kipling subway station (the last stop on the bus), transfer to the eastbound Bloor/Danforth subway line.  Kipling has elevators and escalators.  As Kipling is the end of the line, downtown trains leave from either side of the platform.

3. For most downtown hotels, transfer to a southbound subway train at either St. George or Yonge station.  Elevators and escalators are available at both stations.

4. Make sure you find out the closest stop to your hotel in advance.  Note that not all subway stations have elevators or escalators, so you might have to climb a flight or two of stairs.

52 Malton

This is a local bus which crosses the northwest part of the city to connect to the subway at Lawrence West and Lawrence stations.  If you're going downtown, it's about 20 minutes slower than the 192 Airport Rocket, but it could be a good choice for other parts of town.

1. You can catch the 52A or 52D Malton bus on the lowest level of either terminal (column R4 in terminal 1, columns C8-C12 in terminal 3).  Make sure to get an eastbound bus ("to Lawrence West" on the destination sign, or ask the driver) -- while route 52A turns around at the airport, route 52D continues further west!

2. At Lawrence West station, transfer to the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line. Southbound trains leave from the platform on your right as you descend to the platform level. The same buses also serve the Lawrence Station further east.

To return the airport, you can take routes 52A, 52C, or 52D.  (If in doubt, just ask the driver.)

Night Buses ( 300A Bloor Danforth and 307 Eglinton West )

Between about 1 am and 5:30 am (8:30 am on Sundays), the TTC operates a more limited set of bus routes.  The 300A travels from the airport across Bloor St West and Danforth Avenue while the 307 takes Eglinton Avenue West.  With either route, you might transfer at Yonge Street to the 320 Yonge night bus to get downtown.

Night buses only run every 20-30 minutes, so follow the links above to get current schedules from the TTC.

General Notes

If you have exact change in Canadian currency, you can pay on the bus.  You can buy TTC tokens (as of January 1, 2015, $2.80 each, when you buy 3 or more) or day passes ($11.50; for 1 person Mon-Fri, or a whole family on weekends & holidays) from some Currency Exchange booths inside either airport terminal. Inside terminal 1, near the TTC stop at column "R", you'll find two red machines that vend single fare tickets by coin or credit card (Visa, MC, or AmEx).

When you board the bus, ask the driver for a "transfer." This paper slip allows you to change between routes at street level or enter the subway without having to pay again, provided you're making a continuous one-way trip. As it is free, it's a good idea to always get one.

See the TripAdvisor article Toronto: Public Transportation for more information about the TTC.  The TTC web site has more information about TTC airport services, and Google Maps can be used to plan transit trips in Toronto.

Rental Car

Time 45 to 75 minutes (pickup + travel) 
Cost  Varies 
Web Site   Toronto Pearson - Car Rentals 

Car rental desks are located on the first floor of the terminal parking garages.  See Toronto: Taxis & Rental Cars for more advice.  In addition to rental fees, expect to pay $20-$40/night for parking at downtown hotels.

Beware that signage out of the airport, to various parts of the city including downtown, can be woefully inadequate for visitors. The signs unhelpfully show highway numbers and directions, rather than destination names. To get downtown, look for and take Highway 427 South, then take the Gardiner Expressway East. You will see the downtown highrises as you travel east on "The Gardiner".

To travel to the North or East of the city, take Highway 401 East. This major thoroughfare gets very busy during rush hours.

Pacific Western Airport Express bus (discontinued)

This service ceased operations on October 31, 2014.

Getting Elsewhere from Pearson Airport

If your destination isn't downtown, you may find you need to rent a car just to get around the city.  However, you do have a few transit options depending on where you're going:

Northern Toronto area

GO Transit has an hourly express bus to the Yorkdale and York Mills subway stations, via Highway 401.  These buses stop at Terminal 1 only.  The GO Transit fare of $5.00 (pay the driver) does not include a transfer to TTC subways or buses, but if your destination is in the northern part of Toronto, this route may be faster than the options above. Be sure to get the York Mills bus, as the bus in the reverse direction ("Brampton") also uses the same bus stop.

Richmond Hill

GO Transit also runs an express bus every hour to Richmond Hill Centre (adult fare: $5.65). GO buses stop at Terminal 1 only. Those arriving from Terminal 3 can use the LINK train to T1.


Mi-Way route 7 connects the airport to Square One mall and the Mississauga City Centre.

Greater Toronto Area 

You can still grab a taxi or limo from the queues in the airport.  For rates, see the tariff cards on the GTAA taxis and limousines page.

(note that the "out of town" rate lists have two pages, with closer destinations on the second page)

Niagara Region

Niagara Falls is a 130 km (80 mi) drive from the airport.    Niagara Air BusToronto Airport ShuttleNiagara Airport Limo and  Airlink Limo provide shuttle bus service from the airport, or you can rent a car (some rental companies will let you drop the car off in downtown Toronto upon your return to the city).

From downtown, you have several other travel options -- see the article Niagara Falls -- A Side Trip from Toronto.

Other Ontario destinations

See the airport's out-of-town van services list, (There aren't shared-ride van services for destinations within Toronto itself.)