The International Buddhist Temple is a Chinese Buddhist temple and a charitable organization, run by the International Buddhist Society. There are four main halls and several smaller shrines at the temple, as well as a large classical Chinese garden, scholar's courtyards, a small-scale Buddhist "Deer Park", and a large parking lot. There are bus stops right outside the gates.

 The temple is the first and most authentic Chinese imperial-style structure in North America, based on the Forbidden City of Beijing, China. It incorporates palatial elements like the colours red and gold - see the golden ceramic roof tiles - and flared eaves. The garden contains gazebos, a granite bridge, a "Wisdom Fountain", and two lotus ponds, one of which has a fountain surrounded by nine white dragons. The temple is still expanding.

The temple displays countless paintings and works of calligraphy, including the largest Buddha mural in the world. The Main Hall houses the largest Buddha statue in North America. There are many other statues of various kinds, such as the small carving from thousand-year-old wood, and the golden reclining Buddha.

Many visitors offer incense, flowers, or fruit as a tribute to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Vegetarian lunches are provided in the cafeteria, where the abbot's lectures are shown. Guided tours are offered for groups of 15 or more, and there are always meditation classes, lessons, and other events. Check the temple website to see what services and activities are available, especially during Chinese or Buddhist holidays.