The days when yodeling was the only form of alpine entertainment are long gone—a big part of Mont Tremblant’s revitalization has been the renewed emphasis on bringing in quality performers for concerts and events.

The Les Rythmes Tremblant concert series stages seven weekends of concerts in the great outdoors. The concerts, which begin in July, running all day and into the night, generally feature local artists, and each week has a different theme, from folk and Latino to pop rock and R&B. And following up that series, Tremblant plays host to another few days of fall concerts on weekends, beginning in early September and running through early October. Plus, during the week there’s always live music playing on the Promenade Deslauriers from 5 to 8 p.m.

And hard as it is to believe, even amidst the splendor of the resort and majestic beauty of its surroundings, some people do get the blues at Tremblant. The Tremblant International Blues Festival , which attracts fans and artists from far and wide for 10 days in July, brings some soul to the slopes.  

If you are in need some cheering up, just stroll around the pedestrian village any day during the summer and you’ll be sure to find any number of fun-loving street performers, from magicians to stilt walkers.