The primary mode of public transportation in Cardiff is the bus system. You can look up bus schedules on the Cardiff Bus (BWS CAERDYDD) site . This is a widely used system that is a convenient alternative to a private car.

Another available form of transportation through the city is via taxi or hired car. The city has 400 taxis and 600 private hire vehicles. Taxis can be hailed on the street, whereas private hire cars cannot, and must be reserved beforehand. Cardiff is not like New York, for example, in its taxi use – it is very common to pre-hire a vehicle, rather than to spontaneously hire a driver on the side of the road. Reserving is often your best bet, in Cardiff, if you are not going to take the bus. See the Taxis & Rental Cars section for more info. on getting a taxi or private hire vehicle in Cardiff.

** Note: check out for information on travel within and outside of Cardiff. This site can help you plan trips to, from, and within Cardiff, and it also provides you with up-to-date travel alerts and changes. This is a great site to keep in mind for all Cardiff travel concerns.

Arriving at Cardiff airport there are two main public transport services into Cardiff. Either take the X91 bus into Cardiff , the bus stop is just to the left of the departures entrance or catch the shuttle bus from the airport to the train station at Rhoose and catch the train to Cardiff.

For public transport timetable info visit


Or phone 0871 200 22 33