Great shopping in Edinburgh includes:

Harvey Nichols (Harvey Nics) – made famous by Joanne Lumley and Jennifer Saunders in Absolutely Fabulous. Address 32-34 St Andrew Square. Next to Harvey Nichols is Scotlands only Louis Vuitton Store, which is fairly large and stocks most of Louis Vuitons ranges. In the side street between Harvey Nichols and Louis Vuitton, you can also find a Calvin Klein Underwear Store and Replay jeans.

Jenners – posh Edinburgh store which competes against Harvey Nics, it’s kind of the Scottish version of Harrods but it’s very old and some might say dated, however it’s an Edinburgh institution.  However, it does have a very good Scottish souvenir shop on its second floor that sells genuine and good quality Scottish gifts.  You may of course be able to find some of the itmes cheaper elsewhere BUT if you want to maximise your sightseeing time, have a one stop shop for your gift shoppong and be sure you buy genuine articles, this is the place  for you.

 Victoria Street is very charming with wonderful buildings and interesting shops and restaurants, you’ll find it leading down from George IV bridge to the Grassmarket.   (Note George IV Bridge is off the Royal Mile it is not near George Street

Princes Street  is the main street in Edinburgh but apart from Jenners you will not find many opportunities for holiday shopping here. There are a coupole of Scottish shops on the street but mainly it is world wide brands and mobile phone shops.  However to walk along the street and look up at the Castle makes it worth spending a little time here    

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