Whatever your interest in traveling to the Normandy region of France, there is a book sure to help you plan the trip and organize yourself once there. Here are a few suggestions:

*“The D.Day Landing Beaches: The Guide” by Georges Bernage features more than 200 maps, photos and other samples sure to pique your interest in Normandy’s role during WWII. This full-color book also explains in detail Normandy landing and its impact on the war.

*Since Rouen is a town full of history, pick up a copy of the interesting “Rouen During the Wars of Religion”. This textbook style book provides a definitive look at the Rouen community during the Civil Wars of the late 1500s.

*All-out travel guides can provide you with background, history, trivia tidbits and other information, but also all the trip planning essentials you desire when plotting your journey. A few good travel books helpful for planning your trip to Rouen include the Michelin guide to Normandy and the reliable Lonely Planet guide. Also pick up a copy of “Drive Around Brittany and Normandy: Your Guide to Great Drives”, which will offer some great ideas for day trips out of Rouen to other nearby – also historic – areas.