A soft breeze blows in from the Alps, carried by the city river Isar. It whistles across the tall crowns of the trees in the English Garden and through the ancient chestnut trees at the Chinese Tower.

The usual bustle of Munichs beer-gardens below, cool brew is served in the signature "Masskrug", the typical one-liter steins and the oompah band or "Blasmusik" is entertaining the crowd with jovial tunes. Munich is known for its pride in local customs and traditions as well as its distinctive Bavarian zest for life. It is a city where life is preferably enjoyed outdoors. The center of Munich offers pedestrians a network of car-free streets which are lined with interesting shops, restaurants, cafes, fountains, and historical buildings.

Picture: Gärtnerplatz Square is where especially  young people meet on a warm summer evening.

The residents are proud of their city, Bavarians are known throughout Germany as an opinionated folk. There have been numerous attempts by Bavaria to become an independent state from Germany since its annexation to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1871. Its proud roots have retained that distinctive Bavarian character, which gives this vibrant city its authentic character.