While there are not a huge number of books that are written specifically about the town of Fussen , there are several books written and published about the region of Bavaria . Since Fussen is located within Bavaria , these books contain information about Fussen along with information about other cities and towns in Bavaria .   For any traveler planning to venture outside of Fussen, these are good books because they provide plenty of ideas for day trips and/or short adventures to nearby cities and towns.

“Daytrips Germany , 6th Edition: 60 One Day Adventures by Rail or by Car in Bavaria , the Rhineland , the North and the East,” by Earl Steinbicker is a travel guide that is geared towards people who prefer to plan their own excursions rather than join a guided tour company. Many people do not like the idea of being stuck on a tour with a dozen strangers, and prefer to travel alone or with a companion. This book can help make self-guided tours possible.

“Lonely Planet Munich & Bavaria,” by Andrea Schute-Peevers, Jeremy Gray   and Catherine Le Nevez is guide that tourists can read to get ideas on the best castles to visit, maps of the region, sample itineraries, and historical backgrounds of the cities and towns in Munich and Bavaria. The book also contains color pictures so that potential tourists can get a good idea of what the area looks like prior to visiting.