As in all things, expectations are everything.  When one is prepared, and has accurate information as to what to expect, things go much better than when there are unexpected, and perhaps unwelcome, circumstances involving travel arrangements.

Rudesheim, Germany is a charming town and it is right on the Rhine River.  There are numerous castles all along the river, significant history, and visitors can take a train ride or a boat ride and view castles on both sides of the Rhine.  Many of the castles can be visited and although some offer tours only in German, some English tours are available.  If this is important to you, look at the castle websites and discover when the tour is provided in English and plan accordingly.

One thing to be very aware of when making your lodging arrangements is the ever present train tracks that parallel the Rhine and the main street that fronts many of the quaint towns along the Rhine River, including Rudesheim.  A majority of Rudesheim's hotels are located on a strip of road along the Rhine where all the restaurants are also located. It is a very exciting place with all sorts of restaurants, live music, passersby for people watching, etc.  Some hotel rooms in these hotels offer beautiful views of the Rhine.

Of note is that passenger and heavy-goods trains runs right through this area, in fact the train rails are basically between the hotels and the Rhine, with the tracks running right on the 2 lane main street,  20 feet from the sidewalk fronting some of the hotels and just as close to the rear of other hotels and restaurants. The train goes through this area nearly every half hour every day ...and all night. It is VERY VERY LOUD, startlingly loud and there is also a railroad safety siren to alert pedestrians that a train is approaching.  Because it goes on all night, it does affect people's ability to sleep.  To enjoy this energetic area of town, beware, and plan accordingly by bringing earplugs so that the noise is at least somewhat muffled.   If you are not prepared for this ongoing issue, you will be unhappily surprised and will perhaps feel unfairly treated by your hotel hosts, who have no control over the train schedule or proximity to their establishment.   The trains are an ongoing part of life in this area, and certainly cannot be altered by the hotel industry, even to accommodate their valued guests.

If you feel the noise will hamper your enjoyment of the area or your ability to sleep, rather than avoid Rudesheim, consider those Rudesheim hotels that are set away from this area--close enough to access this active part of town, yet when you return to your hotel you wlll be sheltered from the noise of the train.   This will require you to walk 4-5 blocks when you go to dinner or you can eat near your hotel, that area has a few restaurants as well.  You will not have a view of the Rhine River, but you will be able to sleep without disruption of the noise from the train.  Rudesheim HofZum Baeren, Rudesheim Schloss and other hotels are still conveniently located to the Rhine hotel area, but are away from the railroad enough so that the startling, frequent noise of the trains is not an issue.   All hotels are listed in trip advisor and you can review comments and evaluations of other travelers.

This is a lovely town, with delightful restaurants.  Now that your expectations include the component of the railroad presence, you can evaluate your options and take advantage of all the charm that this town offers.