An often asked question on the forum is about what to wear so one does not to stand out as a tourist.
This guide has been written to illustrate that there are no rules about what to wear or not.    
Photos taken in various locations around Spain.
The faces have been pixilated for privacy.
Notes about the style of dress code is at the side each photo.

 It is hoped that this little survey will settle you mind and that whatever you wear on the streets of Spain you will fit it.
  All kinds of ages and dress styles.
  Smartly dressed lady, with a plastic carrier.
  3 men in suits. One man with t-shirt with a bag used to carry money and personnel documents. One woman with shopping bag on wheels.
  A younger couple holding hands. Note the casual dress code of the man.

 Casually dressed younger couple with an elderly woman in th same style. Note the trainers on the younger and older woman.
  Man in casual shirt and jacket, plus smartly dressed woman, with a shop branded cloth bag.
  A real mix of colours. Bag over shoulder.
  Young girl trendy fashion, on a scooter.
  Man with reusable plastic shopping bag, woman with bag over the shoulder and the third person in this group with baseball cap and t-shirt/shorts. The man behind on mobile wearing trainers.
  Another couple where the man has casual shirt and jacket, smartly dressed woman., this time with normal shoulder bag.
  Mixed aged couple. She with a mixture of colours, and scarf. Him with a football shirt, a jumper over the arm. Cold for one warmer for the other!
  A younger woman with a Pull & Bear branded plastic shopping bag. Note that she is checking her phone.
  Man with Adidas branded t-shirt, jogging pants and trainers. Also using phone. Woman behind also in white trainers.
  A real mixture of dress code in this photo. Woman walking with a jumper over arm and flower patten top. Younger couple about to cross the road, she is dressed completely in black, with a short skirt. Her partner is casually dressed. Man with stripped top and again very causally dressed with faded jeans. Elderly man with flat cap and Jacket. Notice no tie.