Valldemossa  Countryside Tour

When you are in Majorca only for few hours, a day trip or half day shore excursion is the best way to maximize your limited time ashore. You can hire a personal private tour guide to take you to the highlights and the most spectacular sights of this Island and make the day very special.


Charming village of Valldemossa is only 30 minutes drive away from Palma, nestled in the mountains on the western part of the island.
This small village is a jumble of cobbled lanes and houses with  walls totaling up the sunny slopes. The place ideal for writers and music composers seeking inspiration. No wonder then that Frederic Chopin and George Sand spent the romantic winter of 1838-1839 in Valldemossa´s Carthusian Monastery with its beautiful gardens and 17th and 18th century cloisters. A mini piano concert  in the Palace of the King Sancho is organized every hour and it is included in the entrace fees you have to  pay at this unique tourist atrattion ,