Catalonia is a popular tourist destination and is visited all year round because the climate here is very nice for sightseeing, laying on the beach, and participating in all sorts of water activities. There are certain months in which tourism is heavier and lighter, but the busiest months for visitors are July and August.

Since people visit Catalonia, and specifically Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia) for tourism as well as for business travel, visitors come here during all of the months of the year. However, the best times to visit for those coming for vacations is the spring and the beginning of the summer.

During the summer – specifically July and August, there are so many tourists that things often become overcrowded and not as pleasant due to the massive numbers of people. Many of the locals leave their hometowns and go on vacation somewhere else during July and August just to get away from all the tourists!

Visitors to the area can enjoy outdoor activities and even eat meals on restaurant patios during all months of the year, except when it’s raining. October is the rainiest month in Catalonia , and most tourists do not visit during this month. The winters here can be cool, but pleasant, especially at night.