Chinese Restaurants in Salamanca Barrio

1. Restaurante Tse-Yang

Paseo de la Castellana, 22 (Hotel Villa Magna)

Tel: 914-311-888


This restaurant is very elegant, has beautiful Chinese furniture and ceramics, and is very quiet, unlike other Chinese restaurants. There is a Spanish maitre d' who takes your order and explains the different plates and what they contain, and takes orders for the wine, which comes from a very extensive wine list. When the food is ready, a Chinese waiter brings a portable table with a warming plate and serves the food. The food not served is left on the warming plate. All the Chinese waiters are quiet and efficient and have been trained on the ways to serve food. The food is extremely good and is beautifully presented. Surprisingly the prices are moderate. It turns out that this is a restaurant where Madrid high society frequents and one can see celebrities eating here. It is a pleasure to eat in this very good restaurant. Reservations are a must. The restaurant opens for lunch at 1 pm.

2. Restaurante Thong

Calle Lopez de Hoyos, 14

Tel: 915-631-172

This restaurant is decorated at the entrance with a big ceramic horse and a life size statue of a warrior. The restaurant has beige colored tables and chairs and there is plenty of light also. The food is very authentic Chinese and is stupendously good, with large portions and attentive service. The restaurant opens for lunch at 1 pm. The menu of the day is very good.

3. Le Dragon

Calle Gil de Santivañes (Near Biblioteca Nacional)

Tel: 914-356-668

This restaurant is decorated in black, with subdued red lights, and is very modern. The menu of the day is fantastic and the food is also very good.