Lombardy is the region that melds the historic city of Milan with the beauty of the Italian countryside. You can dine on world-class food, take in gorgeous architecture and art and revel in the Italian countryside including Lake Como. You need a useful and reliable source for your travels, a good official tourist source.

Visit Italian Tourism for a guide to help you navigate through all that this region of Italy has to offer. Click on “Italy by Region” and then No. 3 on the map of Italy, for some basic background information about Lombardy.

There are also some very useful travel tips at this site, which include tips on where to find church services in each city, where to find a laundry to get your clothes washed, and advice on tipping in restaurants in Italy.

If you are traveling from North America, including Canada, there is a list of Italian Tourism offices here, so you can visit or call before your visit and get maps, tips and general information about your upcoming trip.