Navigating Lausanne with a standard map can be difficult because the city’s three-dimensional geography doesn’t lend itself well to a two-dimensional map.  You may find yourself under a bridge without a good way to get where you wanted to be several hundred feet right above you.  As Lausanne is a city built amongst three hills, expect to a workout if you plan on walking everywhere; the story is that the women of Lausanne have the best legs in Switzerland thanks to the hills.  However, Lausanne is a fairly small city (at least the Old Town is) and totally walkable if you bring your sneakers and strong leg muscles.

Lausanne has one metro line (a second one being under contruction, due for completion in the summer 2008) and a number of bus lines for anyone who isn't up for a workout.  The M1 line runs from the Flon to the University of Lausanne as well as Renens.  Most visitors will probably stick with the bus lines.  Many buses leave from Place St. Francois to Ouchy as well as the surrounding suburbs.

Public transportation is efficient and reasonably prices.  A short journey ticket which you can use for up to three stops costs SFr.1.80, while unlimited travel across the downtown zone (zone 11) for an hour costs SFr.2.40.  You can also pay SFr. 7 for a 24 hour pass.