Jogging/Running is very popular in Zurich. Here are some resources:

Where to run:

You can run along the lake basin of Zurich. A good starting point is the Bürkliplatz map, where you can run either on the right side of the lake to the Zürihorn map or on the left side to the Rote Fabrik map.

Running along the river Limmat or the river Sihl is also very nice. A good starting point for the Limmat run is the Landesmuseum map and for the running along the Sihl here.

A swiss speciality is the Vita Parcours and the Finnenbahn - the "finish slope". Vitaparcours is a track in the woods with several workout stations along the way for training your flexibility and strenght. You can either run or walk from station to station. There are several Vitaparcours across the city Website. The Finnenbahn is a running track made of sawdust and wooden chips, so it's very soft. Great for running barefoot in summer. places

Running Communities and Running Guides:

CityRunning - The Jogging Community is a noncommercial organisation and offers each week free jogging meetings for everyone. No application required.

Marcel Peter Sportservice offers Trail Running in Zurich. Website