Travelers who are interested in reading up about Maastricht before taking a trip to the area should look in to reading the following five books:

  • “Culture Shock! Netherlands: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette” by Hunt Janin and Ria van Eil is an excellent book for travelers to skim in order to get a sense of appropriate and not-so-appropriate ways to behave with locals during their time in Maastricht.  The book can be bought online at .
  • “Housing in Holland : A Guide to Making a New Home in the Netherlands ” by Connie Moser may sound like a book designed only for the traveler who intends on spending a long time in Maastricht .  However, it actually provides useful information for travelers which is unlike that to be found in traditional travel guidebooks.  See for more information.
  • “ Maastricht and Beyond: Building the European Union” by Roy Price ( ) is a political book which discusses the formation of the European Union, a historical event which took place in Maastricht .
  • “Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe ” by Bill Bryson is a fun memoir about the experiences of backpacking through Europe .   Maastricht is one stop on the way and visitors to the area may see their own adventures in the area mirrored in the book.  See for purchase information.
  • “The Art of Dutch Cooking” by C. Countess Van Limburg Stirum is a book which can help travelers get a sense of the foods which will grace their palettes during a trip the Maastricht .  See for more information.