32 ( three two ) The International Telephone Country Code for Belgium.

00 ( zero zero ) is the International Outgoing ( Dialing ) Code you use to call overseas from 'within' Belgium. 

Telephone numbers look like this: 081 00 0000 When calling from outside Belgium, dial +32 81 00 00 00. When calling from anywhere in Belgium, dial +32 81 00 00 00. The prefix 081 is the area code and should be substituted, depending on the municipality you're calling.

To find a phone number in Belgium check www.1207.be

Public telephones accept coins, phone cards (available in bookstores and post offices) and Belgian cash cards (Proton).

Cell phones (called GSM) are widely used (technologies used are GSM and 3G). You can rent a cell phone at the airport from www.locaphone.be, for use inside or outside Belgium. Alternatively, if you plan to stay longer in Belgium, you can buy a cell phone with a prepaid card. You can buy a cell phone with the activation card and a prepaid card in any phone store, you should pay no more than 80€ for an adequately functional phone. Topping up your phone credit can be done through most Belgian ATMs or on-line.

The 3 Belgian cell phone operators offer prepaid card programs:

-Proximus: Pay & Go ( www.proximus.be)

-Mobistar: Tempo ( www.mobistar.be)

-Base: BASE Advantage Bundles ( www.base.be

Call rates from hotel rooms are very high and you should avoid this method of communication, except in absolute emergency.