Travelers can supplement their experience during a vacation by reading about the area to which they are traveling before they head there.  This provides information about what to see and do as well as background information on the history and setting of the area, drawing the traveler’s attention to things which may not have been otherwise noticed during the trip.  Books recommended for enhancing the Algarve experience include:

·        “Baedeker’s Algarve” by Baedeker Guides is the type of travel guide which is informative before a trip and useful during the trip. .

·        “Insight Compact Guide Algarve” by David Ingram is sized to be convenient enough for travelers to take it along in their backpacks during the day but lengthy enough to provide detailed travel information.

·        “Portugal’s Other Kingdom: The Algarve” by Dan Stanislawski.

·        “Safety and Security for Women who Travel (Traveler’s Tales)” by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer is a book recommended for single women traveling alone anywhere in the world.  The information applies to Algarve as much as anywhere. .

·        “Say it in Portuguese” by Dover can help travelers better understand the language of Algarve. .

“The Rough Guide to the Algarve ” by Matthew Hancock is a travel guide which describes the various cultural influences on the area and where those influences can be seen in Algarve today.

Check out - a great website for stuff to do in the Algarve.  It is particularly good for Lagos and surrounding areas, with walking tours, suggested restaurants and other awesome info.