Travelers heading to Algarve should rest assured that they are traveling to a basically safe location.  Families with young children often travel to the area without reporting any problems.  However, as with travel to any other foreign locations, there are some risks which should be considered by travelers who seek to protect themselves from danger.

Petty theft is the major safety problem plaguing tourists in the area.  This occurs primarily in the form of purse snatching; to a lesser degree, pick pocketing is a problem.  Crowded locations, including major tourist attractions where lines may accrue, are the primary locations for such a problem.  For information about how visitors to any location can protect themselves from this problem, visit (for purse snatching) and (for pick pocketing).

Another safety problem facing tourists in the area is related to sun exposure.  The sun in Algarve is not a harsh sun, so tourists often forget that they are being exposed to it as they wander around all day, especially during visits to the beaches of Algarve.  This can lead to problems with sun burn, dehydration and heat stroke.  Tips for protection from the sun are provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation and are located online at .