Algarve is a place where tourists go at all different times of the year because the weather is almost always wonderful.  It rarely gets uncomfortably hot during the summer and it rarely gets uncomfortably cold in the winter, so travelers can vacation comfortably in the area all throughout the year.  The springtime lasts for several months at the beginning of each year and is often a preferred time for many travelers who enjoy the fresh plant life in the area.  Nature is enjoyed in the fall as well, when the leaves change color on many of the local trees.  However, winter and summer are also enjoyable times in Algarve, with winter being a warm getaway for travelers from cold locations and summer being enjoyed for its beach activity.

Algarve tourists rarely have to worry about rain in the area, as almost every day is sunny.  However, the time that is considered to be a rainy season in the area is the winter time, with possible showers beginning in November and continuing through February.  Travelers who loathe the rain should head to the area in July and August when there is almost no chance of a storm hitting the area.

A local Algarve weather forecast that is updated every hour can be found on the Algarve Weather page (