The most common method by which travelers get around Algarve is via rental car.  Rental cars are generally obtained at the airport upon arrival in the area.  Driving regulations in Algarve are standard in terms of international road rules.  For example, seat belts are mandatory and drunk driving is illegal.  In general, the speed limit is 90 kilometers per hour, with faster speeds on highways and slower speeds in congested areas.  Speeding is punishable by fines.

Drivers MUST carry photo ID; it is illegal not to do so.  If a driver is involved in an accident or stopped by the police for a routine document check a passport or ID card must be produced. It is also obligatory to carry a red 'accident' warning triangle and a yellow reflective jacket. The latter must be worn if the driver has to leave the vehicle in case of breakdown or accident.

 Portuguese driving habits can take some getting used to. Be prepared to be 'tailgated' and also for drivers ahead not to signal clearly.

Parking can be quite difficult in many towns. Several town centres have been closed to visiting road traffic and car parks established on the outskirts. There are however no 'park and ride' services. Where there are central car parks, expect to pay about €1 for an hour.

Travelers interested in getting around Algarve by other methods do have choices.  The bus system in Algarve is not very comprehensive away from the coastal areas  There are two main bus operators, EVA and Frota Azul plus a number of purely 'urban' services in the larger towns. Information about these can be obtained from local bus stations and tourist offices. There is a private website maintained by a local English resident which brings together all the timetables and more information in one location.

The coastal railway line links many of the main towns but stations are often a long way from major resorts. There are several trains every day but there are large gaps in the service at weekends. Go to for more information.

There are numerous private companies which offer tours and various excoursions throughout Algarve.  Travelers seeking more information about this option should visit or . Algarve is also a perfect place to drive a car hire. Amazing beaches and fabulous views of the ocean. Car hire brokers, like Decode Car hire Faro Airport, Elephant Car Hire or AutoEurope, usually offer good deals if you book in advance. 

 The Algarve is filled and surrounded by beautiful nature.  This fact, combined with the excellent weather of Algarve (more on the weather at makes it a perfect place for walking or biking.  Both are options in major portions of Algarve and should be considered by visitors who are interested in being active and seeing all that there is to see at the same time.