Taxis are a travel option for visitors in Stockholm, with taxis being easy to hail on the streets nearly anywhere in the area.  Visitors should know that, unlike many travel destinations, Stockholm does not have regulated taxi service.  What this means is that taxi fares may vary from company to company.  Both rear side windows, as well as the dashboard, must have stickers with price information, and you are free to check it out before deciding what taxi to choose. If you are uncertain, it is fine to discuss the rates with drivers before accepting a taxi ride.

In Sweden, as opposed to in many other countries, an illuminated sign means that the taxi is available.  If the sign is dark, the taxi is either busy driving (to) a customer or simply off duty. A good piece of advice is to order the taxi via phone (see phone numbers below). It is safer since you get a taxi from the company you dialled. Also, it is always possible to track the taxi if you forget something in the taxi or if there should be some other problem that needs to be solved.

The main taxi company in Stockholm is Taxi Stockholm. This is reported to be a reputable company with fair rates and English-speaking drivers.  These cabs can be hailed on the street easily, as they have logos on the sides of their cars (which are always black cars) and illuminated signs with their name. These taxis can also be hired by travelers seeking pick-up.  This is most commonly done by visitors using the taxi to get to and from the airport as well as by travelers seeking to use taxis for guided tours. This company offers ninety minute and two hour guided tours for visitors. Guided taxi tours are also available through Taxi 020 (cf below) with 27 taxi guides licensed by Stockholm Visitors Board.

Other major reputable taxi companies in Stockholm are: Taxi 020 (Phone: 020-20 20 20) and Taxi Kurir (Phone: 08-30 00 00). All of these three companies are safe and accept all major credit cards! Usually from the airport to the city centre (and back) they have fixed rates which are displayed on the side windows of the cars so there is no confusion about prices. Beware of smaller private taxi companies that often rip you off with high fares! One example of these companies to avoid is Taxi 08.

Many visitors also opt to drive themselves around Stockholm using rental cars which are generally rented at the airport upon arrival.  Rental cars in Stockholm are relatively inexpensive.  For the best rates, many travelers opt to rent from local Swedish companies in the city rather than from the bigger name companies located at the airport.  The favored local company is Berras.