Austrians love FUN.  It is the kind of fun that translates into every language.

The Lederhosen are often a source of amusement in the UK - until you see the guys who actually wear them - usually very well built!

Jokes often involve men liking women (sometimes because they like women a bit too much)....

Practical, knock-about type fun is also order of the day.

In Austria, you cannot be down in the mouth for very long.  People are very kind and friendly.  When you visit, you feel like a part of the village pretty quickly. 

Do try and learn even a couple of phrases in German.  The locals will appreciate you trying, even if you mangle the language.  Of course, they all speak brilliant English - but that is not the point.  Trying to use a bit of German is good manners, in someone else's country.  You hardly ever get laughed at, however bad your accent is.   The older people in particular appreciate a couple of words, as they did not learn English at school.

All the locals like BIER or wine, but be careful not to indulge too heavily.  Public drunkenness is very frowned upon, although everyone likes a couple of glasses.

Discos and other activities include everyone, from young kids up to grandparents.  It is a lovely culture, where everyone can be a part of everything.  There are of course, special bars and discos which attract younger or older groups.

Mountain walking is a must.  If you can't manage a big walk, don't worry, just use the cable cars or chair lifts.  You will meet all sorts of people in the mountains - often 80-year olds who are better walkers than the unfit tourists!