This is a brief introduction to the currency of Norway.

The Official Currency of Norway is the Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Euro or Swedish kroner will generally not be accepted.

1 Krone (kr) = 100 øre

Coins are available in the following denominations:  1kr,  5kr,  10kr and 20kr

Notes (paper money) are available in the following denominations:  50kr, 100kr,  200kr,  500kr and 1000kr

Banks are open Monday to Friday from 08.15am to 3pm (1500 hrs). They close at 5pm (1700 hrs) on Thursdays.

ATM machines are readily available in all the major cities and are available  in most small towns.

Norwegians general don't use cheques (virtually unknown). Debit cards are instead universal and many shops even allow customers to withdraw money. Hotels, city taxis, shops and most restaurants accept credit/debit cards. Note that small hotels, camping sites etc may only accept cash payment; be  prepared to pay at check-in.

These images of the Notes and Coins are courtesy of the central bank of Norway ( Norges Bank ).  


In Bergen you will only be able to change cash currency at the Bergen Airport or at the Tourist Information. The Airport rate of exchange is he best rate.