Travelers may opt to rent a car upon arrival at the Fustes airport.  The airport is located approximately ten minutes drive away from Fustes, in nearby Puerto del Rosario, so many visitors feel that it is easiest to get a car to continue on from the airport.  However, it should be noted that the airport is close enough to make both bus travel and taxi hire an option for visitors who do not wish to rent a car.  More information about arrival at the Fustes airport can be obtained online at .

For travelers who do wish to rent a car in the area, there are numerous options to choose from.  There are major car rental agencies ( Hertz , Avis, Budget  )located at the airport, and there are also local car rental agencies.  Although it does not always hold true, the local car rental agencies are generally the less expensive option but they are not backed up with the big insurance policies and other benefits of the large, well-known locations.  Either option is viable for renting a car in the area so travelers can choose what works best for them.

You can also use a brokerage site, to help consolidate your search:

2. Decodecarhire Valencia

Taxi hire is also possible not only at the airport but also throughout the Fustes area.   Travelers will find that taxi drivers generally speak English and are helpful in getting them to where they want to go.