Travelers frequently find that it is useful to read about an area before traveling there.   This can help them to get a sense of local culture and history as well as to help them figure out what they might want to see and do during their vacation.   Travelers who are visiting Fustes and are interested in preparing themselves for the trip in this manner may consider reading the following books:

  • “Canary Islands Pocket Guide” ( ) provides travel information for the surrounding area and can be conveniently carried with the Fustes traveler for use in exploring the area on day trips.

  • “Lonely Planet Canary Islands” by Sally O’Brien and Sarah Andrews ( ) is the handbook for travel throughout the area including and surrounding Fustes.

  • “Sunflower Landscapes of Fuerteventura: A Countryside Guide (Sunflower Guides Fuerteventura)” by Noel Rockford ( ) is a photographic exploration of the area.

  • “Tenerife and Its Six Satellites; or, The Canary Islands Past and Present: Volume 2. Gran Canaria. Lanzarote. Fuerteventura” by Olivia M. Stone ( ) offers historical information about the entire area.

  • “Travellers Lanzarote and Fuerteventura” by Paul Murphy and Barbara Radcliffe Walters ( ) is a comprehensive travel guide to the Fustes area.