By plane:   Travelers will almost always reach Fustes by plane.   The main airport serving the area is located in Puerto del Rosario which is approximately ten minutes away from Fustes.   Travelers can obtain additional information about the Fuerteventura Airport by visiting their official website at .   This website will provide all of the necessary information about flights and airlines serving the area.   Travelers can also use standard flight search engines, such as Expedia ( ) and Travelocity ( ) to get information about flying to the Fustes area.   Remember to enter Fuerteventura as the location of your flight destination because the airport is not located specifically in Fustes and the search engines may not recognize this location.

Upon arrival:  Travelers can catch a cab from the airport to their Fustes hotel destination.  They can also opt to obtain a rental car if they so choose, although it is not absolutely necessary to have one for getting around Fustes so taxi hire should be sufficient.  Another option is to take the bus from the airport.

By boat:   Travelers may also arrive in the Fustes area by boat, as there are a number of different cruise lines servicing the area.   More information can be obtained from local cruise line agencies.