From a personal point of view taken from their own distinctive experience on the island, three authors give the traveler three alternive look s onto Arenal and Mallorca.

George's Sand's Winter in Majorca, tells the bad film abut the island. Mallorca is no longer a paradisiac island  but a hideous place where everything from its people to the landscape is loathsome. Robert Graves adds his contesting, and more amiable, point of view to Sand's perception of Mallorca.

In a ligther note, Peter Kerr writes about his experience as a migrant from Scotland. In Villa Mallorca!: One Mallorcan Autumn, Kerr documents his doings as a farmer and he shows how his ways blend with the local ones, making cross cultural communication the highlight of his experience on the island.

In German Paradise Mallorca: A Funny Telling Martin von Muenchen describes the German experience in Mallorca in an openly humorous tone. Germans are regular visitors and many have settled on the island. Von Muenchen takes this opportunity to make fun of the German character.