Arenal's Tourist Information Office is at Plz Reina M Cristina, s/n. You can call them at 34 971 440414. There you will find all the information that you need to make your day and night special.

There are some websites that will give you information about Mallorca and some about  Arenal such as:

But ,the best way to get information about Arenal and its ins and outs is by word of mouth. Bars are a great source of information. Bar owners, mainly Germans, really want to help the visitor and they will give you tons of information about the best beaches, inexpensive lodgings, what to do, where to go, etc, etc.

Be open to the casual encounter that will change your life, at least during your stay in Arenal. Vacationists quickly get into this laid-back, worry-free mood and they won't keep for themselves that precious information regarding the best bar or best place to eat. Keep your ears open to hear the updates for parties and celebrations. In Arenal. it is all about having fun, partying and sharing some really good drinks.