The number for ambulance is 999 when calling from a stationary phone, or 112 when using a mobile phone. 112 will get you in touch with the police, actually, but they will be able to route your call or have an ambulance sent. Be prepared that the personnel may not be able to speak English. Please remember that ambulances should be used for life-threatening situations only. For less dangerous cases, you need to report to an Emergency Room of a hospital. In both cases, you may be required to present a proof of your medical insurance. 


To call the police, dial 997 from the stationary phone or 112 from a mobile. Be prepared that the officer may not speak English. In case of stolen property or car burglary, you need to visit a police station and file a complaint there. It will take several hours due to the bureaucracy, so be sure to allocate enough time. In case of a car accident, you always have the right to call the police, and it is compulsory to summon them if the accident involved any wounded or dead. When it's a minor scratch, you have to remove your vehicle from the street so that there is no traffic obstruction. You can't do that if there are any wounded or dead.


Fire brigade - 998 (stationary phone), 112 (mobile)
Traffic wardens - 986  (call them if your car has a nice yellow clamp on a front wheel and a ticket behind a wiper).