Travelers will find that drivers in Wroclaw are somewhat aggressive. For this reason, it is sometimes considered unsafe to drive in the area. Using taxis as a main mode of transportation may be frequently a source of frustration because the traffic in Wroclaw is intense and there are plenty of traffic jams forming all around the city, blocking streets and wasting travelers' time (and money). Public transportation ( ) is strongly recommended for getting around (  ).  Despite this, plenty of travelers use both of these methods for getting around and experience no problems. The trick is to be confident in driving (or in your taxi driver) but to also use common sense while on the road.  

Travelers frequently find that Wroclaw taxi drivers are the best source of information in the area.  Drivers generally speak some English and are able to provide travel advice on local events and accommodations.  They know where everything is and they generally have no problems offering advice.

Taxi Tip: Travelers should know that, though it is easy to hail a taxi on the street, it is strongly advised the travelers call for a taxi and wait for pick-up. This is because rates are discounted on called taxis.

Rental car tip: Travelers should remember to be patient when driving in Wroclaw. The roads are good, but the driving is hectic and the signage is sometimes problematic. Patience and common sense driving are key.