Petit Taxi and Grand Taxi

In Marrakech there are three types of taxis, there are the small yellow ones which are called “Petit Taxi” (French language is very much a part of the Moroccan culture) and the larger taxis (Mercedes) which are called “Grand Taxi” and private 4x4 and h1 type people carriers. 

The “Petit Taxi” have meters but some drivers pretend to forget using them with tourists and it is always good to remind them to use the meter in advance, but keep in mind that at night the prices are 50% more than during the day (this rule applies even to locals). Day time meter will start from 1.60Dhs, after 8PM, will start from 2.40Dhs. The maximum number of passengers this taxis can hold is 3. You can catch them in the streets or at taxi ranks. You can also catch them in front of hotels but the taxis that are standing in front of the hotels cost more because sometimes they spend a long time waiting for customers and they think it is a captive market. Often if you walk away from the hotel/train/bus station you will find it easier to get a driver to use his meter. A ride from the famous Jamae El Fna Square to the Gueliz in the new town should not cost you more than 15Dhs. Many times if you just get in and state your destination they will in fact use the meter. 

The "Grand Taxi" do not have meters and have price lists attached to the dashboard. They are licenced to carry 6 passengers (2 in front, 4 in back) as well as the driver though most will only take 5 tourists.  If you flag down a Grand Taxi you will probably have to negotiate a price but bear in mind he could be taking 6 locals at 10Dhs each so you are unlikely to get anywhere for less than 60Dhs which makes sense from his point of view!  You can find them normally in front of hotels or you can ask the concierge at your hotel to call you one. There is a large gathering of Grand Taxis behind the Gare Routiere bus station at Bab Doukkala where they can also be used for day trips outside the city or to travel between cities.


There are also many private companies offering excursions in large, comfortable, air conditioned vehicles with English speaking drivers. Your hotel or Riad will have contacts. These are obviously going to be more expensive.

One little tip when crossing the streets in Morocco: do not expect cars to stop for you when you are crossing the street (even when you are using a zebra crossing)!

With the arrival of the "low fare" airlines into Marrakech, the number of independent travellers has been boosted substantially, and the taxi drivers are taking advantage of their innocence.  Here are two simple guidelines:

1. No Marrakchi would pay more than 10 Dirhams for a ride across the city in daylight, possibly rising to 15 Dirhams at night.  Carry small denomination notes or coins, give them a chance to use the meter (they can surprise you), if they do give a couple of Dhs tip to encourage this behaviour, if not pay what you think is fair. Leave the money and walk away if the driver argues: he won't abandon his car to follow you.

2. Rates for taxis from the airport into town are posted on signage in the airport car park.  They are kept up to date, and this is the maximum price you should pay.  If your driver asks for more, walk into your hotel reception and ask them to intervene.

Car rental

There are lots of International Car rental companies in Marrakech with offices in the airport and along Avenue Mohammed 5 and Boulevard Zerktouni in particular. There are also many private companies these days. Normally for a small economic car the cost is 300Dhs per day. About the insurance, you need to buy it separately. But if you pay by credit card, sometime they will cover the insurance as well. Please check the details directly from your credit card company. The local car insurance, will cover very limited. For details, please check this website: