By Plane 

 If you are coming into Taipei, most likely you are flying into Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), Taoyuan airport is not strictly in Taipei, it is around 45 minutes west of Taipei, in Taoyuan county. 

Taoyuan airport has 2 terminals, with similar services (Taxi, Bus, etc) from both terminals.

There is a regional airport, SongShan (TSA), which is in Taipei city.  However, it mostly services local domestic destinations and cities in China or Japan.

Taiwan Custom 

APEC business traveller cards may not be acceptable by the fast queue at the Taiwan custom. Ensure Taiwan is listed on the back of the card. 

Be very careful to join the correct passport queue. Custom officers will not hesitate to send people at the front of the wrong queue, to the tail of the correct queue. 

Internet Access / Unlimited data prepaid card

Buy unlimited internet data prepaid card from Taoyuan Airport (at T1, exit arrival gate, turn right, walk down the hall). Counter opens from 8AM to 10PM. Pick a suitable plan from different telcos which provide the best value. Comes with limited talk time too. 

Getting to Downtown

From Taoyuan Airport

Buses to Taipei

The best and most economical way to get to Taipei from Taoyuan airport is by bus.  There are many Airport buses that take you to the Taipei main station, with drop off points along the route at major hotels and MRT (metro) stations.

Once you are in Taipei, you can catch a cab to your hotel.

The following link has the most up-to-date information:

Some bus options from Taipei airport. 

Toward You Air Bus :   This route takes longer to get from airport to downtown, as it makes many stops.  Buses are not very well kept, dusty inside, greasy head rest area, dirty floor, and seats are cramped with very limited leg room (smaller than airlines economy class).  

Taiwan Bus Corp. (Kuokuang) :   Friendly bus driver, new and clean bus and wide seats with plenty of legroom.  Ticket price is TWD125. Take the KuoKuang bus if your hotel is in the vicinities of Zhongshan, Taipei Main Station/HSR Terminal and Ximending.

CitiAir Bus (DaYou): Take this bus if your hotel is near Taipei City Hall or Taipei 101 in the Xinyi Disrict (such as Grand Hyatt, Le Meridien, W Hotel, Agora Garden, Tango Xinyi), or in the Da'an vicinity (such as Far Eastern Plaza, Howard Plaza). Ticket price is TWD141 even though the advertised price is 145. Note that the airport ticket counter will only sell a 1 way ticket not a return! You can buy the return ticket at your hotel. Be prepared to load and unload your luggage yourself.

Evergreen Bus:  This bus service is run by EVA Air and shuttles between Taoyuan, Nanjing East MRT, Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT and Evergreen Hotel. Ticket price is TWD150 but the comfortable ride and friendly service more than makes up for the marginally higher ticket price.

Freego Bus: Take this bus if your hotel is in the vicinities of Zhongxiao Fuxing and Nanjing East/Taipei Arena, such as  San Want Hotel and  Sunworld Dynasty Hotel. Ticket price is TWD140.  

AirPoPo Shuttle: This shuttle provides door-to-door service to all hotels in Taipei City. You will have to book in advance with their mobile APP. Price is TWD350 per person, but has discounts for additional passengers.

By High Speed Rail (HSR)  

Avoid the bus during festive period when countdown parties erupt all over Taipei causing massive traffic jams. Instead, take the U-Bus (about 20 mins ride) to Taoyuan High Speed Rail station and board to a High Speed Train to the city. Choose to alight and switch to the MRT at either "Banqiao" or "Taipei" HSR Station. 

Buying an MRT tourist day-pass (悠游卡观光护照) may not be good value if one walks a lot and take time touring one spot. A 1-day pass cost NTD180. MRT is cheap. Taipei station all the way up north to Tamsui (淡水) is only NTD50 one way.

The airport is very close to the HSR station.  You can catch a 5-minute shuttle from eith airport terminals (green Ubus)  to the HSR station.  Buses run every 10-15 minutes from 7:00 am to 23:45 at night.

Once at the HSR station, buy a ticket to Taipei.  The HSR will stop at the Taipei Main Station, where you can connect with the MRT (metro). The ticket cost from  Taoyuan Station to Teipei is $175 TWD, and travel time is 20 minutes.  This is shorter than the 45 minute drive, but since you have to wait for the bus from the airport, and then for the train itself, wait times should be factored in- espesially since you will most likely also need to travel from Taipei station to your hotel. If you are at the airport and see a bus departing soon that will get you close to your hotel, that may be the better (and slightly cheaper) option. 

By Taxi

Unless you are arriving very late at night, or have a lot of luggage, there is no real reason to catch a Taxi.  A taxi from the airport to the city center will be around NT$1200, maybe a bit more depending on traffic.

Taxi is cheap in Taipei and no booking fees is required (surcharge may apply for trips from city to Taoyuan airport). A 45km trip from XiMenDing to Taoyuan Airport is no more than NT$1000. Good value if 3 to 4 people are sharing a taxi. 



From Song Shan Airport



By MRT (Metro)

SongShan airport is served by the MRT, Neihu line, SongShan airport station, which can get you to any downtown destination.

By Taxi

As SongShan airport is in Taipei, a taxi to any downtown hotel would be around NT$200.

By Bus

The bus system in Taipei is harder to work out for a foreigner compare to the MRT.  There are busses that service SongShan airport, if you are looking to catch a bus, the best option would be to ask your hotel what connections you should take.