Considering distance, Transport services can divide in 3 categories in Dhaka , Bangladesh . They are -

1.       Town Bus/ Yellow Taxi/ Black Taxi/ Rent a Car – For long and all distances., not easily available

2.       Baby Taxi – For Medium distances.

3.       Rickshaw – For Short distances.

4.        Rent a Car - For Medium to long distance, best choice for day long city use.

 Town Bus is not suitable for visitors as they are very rushed, narrow, and uncomfortable..

 The Taxi service in Dhaka is not on par with other Asian metropolitan cities . Whether Air conditioned "Yellow" cab or non air conditioned "Black" cab, none  have a good  reputation in the market as they may outright decline to go to your required destination. Most of the cab drivers keep their taxi meter damaged or malfunctional and may ask  for a rent  higher than the metered one. Local people usually travel with these Taxis at day time and avoid during night time. So, it is  strongly recommended to use these with caution.

 If you want to hire a sedan, Van, 4X4, Pick ups, you should go to any reputed rent a car company of the city. They are safe. Hertz, Europe car, Avis,Budget and National is available in Dhaka . Budget & National have a very good reputation in the market in Dhaka , Bangladesh . During travel in Dhaka , many visitor choose between these two rentacar; (Email: or diall 017227-266077) for their cheap rate and maintaining safety standards with good quality cars and 24 hours customer service. Another reliable choice is Budget Rent-a-Car; located in Banani , with a good collection of vehicles you can choose from; they offer, Daily /monthly rentals, Airport Pickup and drop services, 24 hours response, and if necessary Fluent English, French or Hindi speaking drivers who can also double as a TourGuide, for long distance travel outside Dhaka, these experienced drivers are the best choice. (Email :, or call/sms (88)01977888844 & (88) 01675009229. )

 Another option is "Baby Taxi", motorized 3 wheel scooters ( Similar to “Tuk-Tuk” of Bangkok ) that run on compressed natural gas (CNG). These taxis are often metered. These taxis used to clog the air with pollution until the government banned two-stroke engines in 2002. Since then, government subsidies have helped aid the prevalence of the new "green taxis." These “Baby-Taxis” are good for distances 1-2 KM travel distance. Like Taxi’s, you also be careful about traveling with this.

For short distance travel (Below 1 KM or a bit more), the most popular option for getting around is by “Rickshaw”. Rickshaws are human-powered tri cycle. Rickshaws are unmetered. You need to negotiate the fare before ride. The average rate is about 2-3 BDT (Taka) per minute. The rickshaws are often personalized and decorated with colorful paintings and murals of everything from famous local TV-Cinema stars, Indian cinema stars, players, animals, birds, flowers and natural scenarios. The World Bank proposed to put an end to rickshaws in Dhaka in 2005, but it was later reversed due to the rickshaws are environment friendly.